Hi everyone,

I’m really pleased that we have been able to start playing golf again. It is great to see and hear the spirit of the Spike terrace returning. It is also good that the rules are being respected. Let’s keep up the good work and keep everyone safe.

I have set off on a quest to play with as many different members as possible. Please enter your name alongside mine on the competition sheets or, if you are not keen to play competition golf, please text me on 931654046 to arrange a game.

The first game of the interclub league is scheduled for May 4th at home, all being well. Together with Michael and Brian, I will be selecting around 20 players from which the team will be selected initially but please keep on your game as our target this year is to gain promotion back to Division 1. We already have several players in mind but I would encourage anyone who has a strong desire to be considered to contact me. 

You will see that Kelvin has posted on the website. What an achievement and what an inspiration.

I am really pleased that over 40 people have confirmed that they intend to go on my away trip to Montecastillo. I am pursuing the possibility of a deal on buggies and also researching visits to wineries and/or to the equestrian school where they train the Lusitano horses. There is only a small number of people interested in  coach transport and so I am looking into other arrangements.

Your Captain, Mary

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