Dear Members and Friends,

As many members do not live here in Portugal and are not always able to keep up with the news from the club, I hope to give you all a bit of information in an occasional Blog to let you know what is going on over here at your club. I know that many of you have been over here this year already and will know how glorious the weather has been – if you are fed up of all the storms that have been battering Northern Europe you can be sure of an enthusiastic welcome from your fellow members and friends back here in the Sunshine.

We started the year of 2020, my special year, with the usual Shotgun start Texas Scramble on New Years Day (also known as Hangover Golf) with the weather giving us an early indication of the bright sunshine that we have had almost continually since.

Then only a few days later we had the New Years Trophy Competition, which is an annual event played as an American Greensome – the catch is that whoever wins has to organise the following years event. This year the day was perfectly organised by last year’s winners, Pam Eden and David Walling, and was certainly one of the highlights so far. After the golf we had an excellent dinner and dance at Aqua na Boca (whilst the dance floor is necessarily small at Agua na Boca, it was enthusiastically filled by our members as always). Thank you very much to Pam and David for this great day and good luck in organising next year’s competition to the 2020 winners Rebecca Smith and Duane Wessels.

My big day, Captains Changeover, started early in the morning in beautiful sunshine and ended up in a great Dinner and Dance night with music from Adam and Wendy.
Captains changeover is always really well supported by our members – Thank you to all, and it is a real pleasure to have the opportunity to thank all the people who make our golf club such a special place, from Macca as our new Past Captain, and Mary as our new Vice Captain, but also the volunteers who do the cards and all the members who give our club the energy that makes us the best club on the Algarve.

We also celebrated the winners of 2019 Knockout competitions, who were:

Winner Singles – Rui Gloria

Winner Pairs – Rie Cherubini and Duane Wessels

Winner of the Race to Budens – Rie Cherubini

Well done all of you and good luck to all in the 2020 competitions.

My Captains Away Trip to El Rompido is now booked and will take place on the 5th and 6th of November. Rompido holds a lot of really happy memories for Brigitte and I and I know that many of you really enjoyed playing there in 2015 – we really hope that you can join us for what promises to be a great event.
The poster and booking list is on the board already and in April we have to confirm the final number of members wanting to join the trip. So, if you are planning on joining us, please sign up as soon as possible.

On 20th March we will organise the inaugural Welcome to Spring Ralph Griffin trophy Competition with a Dinner and Dance in the evening. The Poster is already on the board and I hope many friends will spend this day with me.

That’s it for the moment.

I wish all of you a great, healthy and successful 2020 and hope we will all have a great time on our Golf course at PDF.

Your Captain


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