Dear Members,


I hope this message finds you all fit and well, I have had a hectic few months but all in all it has been a great spring.


So, standard of play seems to be high at the moment. We have made almost 30 handicap cuts so far this year and its great to see good golf being played, some very happy faces out there. Carol Newland has come down 6 shots this year so a special congrats to you Carol, well deserved. I am sure the quality of the golf course has helped us all. Greens a little slow but running pretty true. We have played several teams from other clubs this spring and most say we have the best greens. Nelson and the boys are doing a great job. Not forgetting Rui and the golf team who look after us so well. Rui has been a great support to the club again this year and I thank him for that. He’s not playing bad golf either and nice to see him playing the club comps from time to time.


Frank and I will arrange Captain v Vice Captain this in October, not much happening after the Autumn festival till Christmas so it will be a good time to play, we will post the new date on the web site.


Interclub  Team – what a team we have? Very supportive and understanding. Its great that I can talk openly to everyone and get honest answers, that’s what makes a team. In fact that’s what makes our golf club! We are 2nd at the moment with 51 points. Boavista and Alto Club are looking dangerous this season but there are still a few games left and a long way to go but a good effort so far. The wind has let us down a little this year as our 5 games at home have all been played in calm conditions! I have made a couple of bad calls this year but I think one of my biggest regrets lately is to not have played Brendan Murphy yet, especially after his net overall win in the club championship (2 years running). Thank you to everyone who comes out and supports us on match days, great job. Mick & Mary Berry ball spotted on the 6th for us a few weeks back and Mike Evans had cold towels out for us on the 13th in our last game, Brian Newsham is always there. Thanks to all of you.


Past captains day was a success, and congratulations to all 3 teams Collingwood, Brennan and Hart.


I have to thank all the members who played the club championship, great turn out and I think the field is getting larger every year. Congratulations to all the winners, especially Sarah Webb and Dan Robinson, new members this year and I think they have been a great asset to the golf club, they are our future. I must say they have been handy to have in the Interclub Team as well, when available! I walked up to the bar on the final day to have a quiet coffee before I hit the range and focused and I caught Brian Mathews and Bob Woodworth also warming up, for once no Bob!


Members day, great day and I apologise that I didn’t put a poster on the board in time. Super turn out though and I managed to shoot my course record, my dinner and Gin tasted a whole lot better than normal!


Captains tour is looking good. Claudia Fernandes will be emailing you shortly with payment information. We still have a few spots so please let me know soonest if you wish to come.


So, Ladies v Men on Friday and good luck to both teams. I wish you all the best for the summer, have a great holiday season and don’t forget to use your CNIG cards, I have saved around €150 already. Next big one will be Captains Day, I am getting there! Lots happening and I look forward to seeing you all then.


Best wishes and thank you for your continued support as always



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